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List of Best 15 React Native Developer Tools for 2020

4 Mai 2020 Publié dans #react native developer

List of Best 15 React Native Developer Tools for 2020

Mobile app development rapidly increases with different advanced technologies. So, developers need to select an app development platform technology wisely. React Native development is discovered as one of the most popular app development technologies used in various types of business requirements. 

Hire React Native developers to build widely used Android and iOS apps with the help of JavaScript framework code library. It is widely used for constructing somehow more appealing user interfaces. 

Additionally, React Native development can be coded in JavaScript but its user interface is completely native for both Android and iOS app development.

According to research data, React Native dev tools are the best choice for React Native developer in-app and web development. React Native has faster speed and proficiency to build contrasting mobile platforms.

However, React Native platform can help achieve the best environment in mobile usage when using React Native debugger tools. React Native Developers have particular strategies to code with different types of React Native Dev Tools. Here is the list of top 15 React Native Dev Tools having important aspects to build iOS and Android React Native apps.

List of Best 15 React Native Dev Tools Used for React Native Development

1. Atom
Atom was first developed in 2014 by GitHub. The tool is free to use and the open-source text editor platform is known for its simplicity.

Atom supports different platforms such as OS X, Windows and LINUX operating systems. It's a programming language written in Electron. It is very popular in React Native development community for offering below services:

  • Editing in cross-platform mobile apps development
  • Excellent auto-completion processing 
  • Supports different custom theme and designs 
  • Built-in collection for administrator 
  • Open more than two or multiple files at the same time in a single window
2. Nuclide

A Nuclide is one of the best free open-source react native dev tool packages introduced by Facebook in 2015 for Atom text editor. Nuclide tool is especially used to create mobile apps for android and iOS platforms with react native development technology.

The tool gives a feature to edit react-native elements, auto-completion and directly jump to its definition components. Nuclide provides inbuilt support for flow to its development community.

React Native tool Nuclide have the following characteristics;

  • Hacking development functionality
  • JavaScript development 
  • Pre-defined debugging features 
  • Remote system development 
  • Distinct working sets
3. Bit for React Native
Bit for React Native

Bit tool can construct next-generation React Native development libraries. The bit is used to resolve the problems occurring in UI components over different storage. React native bit development is the most powerful tool to create various user interfaces with shared components and independent development.  

By using a bit.dev platform you can organize and host your UI components. Bit.dev provides independent components from any host and local project entries to storage of bit.dev library location. There all components can be arranged, installed/imported, documented, customized and rendered.


4. Expo

Expo is a toolchain built React Native dev tool which can be used to generate and create Android and iOS applications using different JavaScript and React Native languages.

Expo tool is also having open-source platform technology and free to use, developed by Expo. Expo CLI includes unique services as follows:

  • Sharing Documentation 
  • Publish Community Forms
  • App Development Tools
  • Slack Community 


5. Visual Studio Code

React native visual studio code tool is developed by Microsoft. Visual Studio Code tool is free to use with the strong command of its open-source code editor. Visual studio code tool is compatible with cross platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. JavaScript, Cascading and TypeScript programming languages can be used to build visual studio code. It has the following features:

  • Customizable and Expandable Themes, programming Languages
  • Debugging codes
  • Smart coding
  • Built-In Git command


6. Xcode

Xcode is an apple development tool used in Mac OS and iOS platforms. Xcode is strongly recommended for React Native iOS app development. Xcode tool helps in debugging and for the installation of iOS apps. It also enables custom configurations.


7. Android Studio
Android Studio

Android Studio React native dev tool is the Xcode version for androids. This React native tool provides React Native debugging and development.


8. Flow

Flow react native dev tool is known for its editing and typing features. The tool has a faster, reliable and smarter coding environment and is highly recommended by React Native developers. React native tool Flow available for free and developed by Facebook. Flow offers the following offerings:

  • Custom JavaScript Coding Language 
  • Simple Integration
  • Feedback in real-time
  • Type Inference 


9. ESLint

ESLint is compatible with JavaScript and JSX programming languages. ESLint tool can deduct the errors in coding and open predefined source codes. Development with ESLint supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It has the following services:

  • Transparency
  • Customized and pre-defined plugins 
  • Faster and Easy Documentation


10. Redux

Redux is recommended by react native developers in the compilation of React mobile app development.  Along with React Native time-traveling debugger, it has a feature of live code editing. It is free to use in the JavaScript programming language. Redux services are as follows:

  • Simple testing for all apps 
  • Building an appropriate environment that can run in the client, native and server-side


11. Ignite CLI
Ignite CLI

Ignite CLI is developed by Infinite Red for React Native. CLI has broad uses in the generation of results on screens, compilation, containers, and reducers. It works on both iOS and android boilerplate. This React Native tool has the following services:

  • API Testing 
  • Customization Themes 
  • Components 
  • Usage Examples 


12. Reactotron

Reactotron is developed by infinity red and type of desktop application. It is fully free to use and open source to work with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It has the following features that's why React Native developers prefer the Reactotron tool over others.  

  • Application status
  • console.log messages
  • API Requests / Responses
  • Faster standards 
  • Dispatch actions


13. React Navigation
React Navigation

React Native developers prefer the React Navigation tool because it has a feature to allow navigating and routing in their respective React Native mobile applications by using default navigators like a drawer, tab, and stack. Its programming is written in JavaScript and services included as follows:

  • Customizable JavaScript Language 
  • Extensible Technology Platforms 
  • Default Components for iOS and Android app 


14. NativeBase

NativeBase is also a free React Native development and open-source tool developed by Geeky Aunts. The tool can be used with React Native components in iOS and android application development. It has the following features: 

  • Native Environment to develop React Native applications 
  • Essential cross-platform user interface components


15. InVision

InVision, open-source React Native dev technology, available for free. This tool has a digital designing platform that can help to create a better user experience. It has the following services: 

  • Designing 
  • Animation 
  • Prototyping 
  • Collaborations 


Therefore, React Native tools are broadly used in mobile app and web development. All React Native dev tools are easier to use in programming and development. 

These React Native dev tools help to complete the process for Android and iOS development. Including designing of the preliminary version of a device and app testing process. Almost React Native dev tools support cross-platform mobile app development for both android and iOS designing platforms

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