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Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development is Right Approach?

27 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #Outsource Mobile App Development, #Outsource Software Development, #outsource app development

Generally, businesses consider outsourcing of any projects or tasks less prior or insignificant, if they are capable of completing or performing these tasks in-house using the available workforce. But tasks like mobile app development are not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, it’s vital to outsource app development projects to a outsourcing app development company with years of experience and expertise in handling projects on trendy and cutting-edge technologies/frameworks. 

Additionally, offshore mobile app development enables seekers to utilize brilliant minds for the development of a visually appealing, robust mobile app solution that can stand out in the market. Other than this, there are several other reasons, which advocate outsourcing mobile app development is a good idea. 

Here in this blog, we will shed light on 6 of these major reasons. Let’s start with some interesting facts about outsourcing mobile app development. 

First of all, if you are thinking that outsourcing the development of web and mobile app solutions is something new in the market then you are completely wrong. Companies are already taking the benefit of outsourcing and leaving their footprint in the marketplace with just an expenditure of a limited amount. 

As per the sources, the outsourcing market was anticipated to achieve the target of $92.5 billion globally in the year 2019. 

Among others, the big giants like Alibaba have already considered the idea of outsourcing for their app development requirements and the US-based developers played a crucial role in the emergence of Alibaba’s mobile app. 

Now let’s have a look at some of the reasons why outsourcing mobile app development is the right approach in this fast-paced technology-driven world. 

Reasons Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development is the Right Approach

  1. Economically Effective

Out of too many advantages of outsourcing one of the most important advantages is that it decreases your overall cost of developing mobile apps. However, regular employees are limited but outsourcing will provide you with a variety of experts who are specialists in different fields. Therefore, outsourcing the mobile app development project not only reduces the cost but also saves time, and in advance, you will get to know the maintenance price of the app.

As per the statistics outsourcing the mobile apps will help you in cutting the cost up to 75%. Around 59% of businesses are outsourcing because of the low-cost aspect.

  1. Optimization

With outsourcing, you will get all the expertise and toolsets on a single platform. Therefore, it leads to an increase in the efficiency of the mobile app development procedure, and you get feature-rich, user-friendly, exclusive mobile apps for separate platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) and one for all. Hiring an offshore mobile app development company avails you the benefit of the best developer’s team which are highly skilled and talented professionals to offer you extraordinary work.

Other than this, if this all is not enough, they are having various options like manual and electronic analysis of apps for keeping the quality check. Therefore, if you are thinking of hiring an outsourcing team your mobile app is going to be the best in the market.

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Outsource Mobile App Development: 2021 Guide

25 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #Outsource Mobile App Development, #Outsource Software Development, #outsource app development

As per the statistics, it is seen that by 2020 around 6 billion mobile app users are there. To develop a mobile app there are two options out there, whether a company hires an in-house team or the other one which is more effective to outsource the mobile app to the developers. However, 52.5% of businesses outsource their projects. The reason is clear because outsourcing is having more merits as it reduces overall costing, lessens time, and provides good quality.

Companies are quickly developing mobile apps to earnestly and straightly involve the customers. Small companies will try to save money by handing over the mobile app development projects to the mobile app development companies from overseas. However, in this article, you will know how you can outsource mobile app development project.

Cost of outsourcing mobile app development

The key factor behind outsourcing is to save money. However, outsource app development costs may vary with respect to the location.

  • The range of creating mobile apps for small businesses is $10,000 to $20,000.
  • Startup apps cost for easy apps is $20,000 to $50,000 and for the complicated apps, it is $50,000 to $200,000.

A variety of mobile apps like messaging, business, etc. are out there. Such a variety of mobile apps also varies the app development cost. Likewise.

  • Chatting apps average cost is $50,000-$130,000
  • Love affair apps average cost is $80,000-$200,000
  • City location app average cost is $25,000-$50,000
  • Social networking apps average cost is more than $25,000
  • Banking app average cost is $40,000 to $70,000

Alternatives for Outsourcing Mobile App Development are-

When you hire employees in-house you will only get people who are experts in a particular field. But when you approach a third party or hire an offshore team for outsourcing your mobile app development then you will get a variety of skills and expertise. A team of professionals having experience in developing a multitude of apps for different industry verticals.

There are three ways by which you can outsource your mobile app development:

  1. Freelance Developers

Hiring freelance developers is more cost-efficient as compared to the top development companies. Extraordinary talents are there in the form of freelance developers.

  1. Development Companies

When you are hiring mobile app development companies then you will have a team of experts in one place. Everything will be documented whether it is cost or execution of different phases involved in app development. That’s how the app development through a mobile app development company offers a systematically maintained procedure before and after the launch of apps.

  1. Ready-Made Apps

These apps are not costly like designing apps. They take less time to launch and fully-featured apps as they are ready-made.

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How to Create a Billion-Dollar App: 2021 Guide

23 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #Outsource Mobile App Development, #Outsource Software Development

In this decade of generation, technology has touched the sky with the help of innovative technology; this generation of technology has its complexities. In today’s modern times, there is an app in demand. An app is an essential software downloaded to your device, which provides you with an essential service. And this is the reason that today along with the demand for apps, outsource app development service is also in demand.

Many entrepreneurs understood the importance of outsource iPhone app development services and developed attractive apps to grow their businesses, and those apps are included in the billion-dollar app category today. The idea of ​​creating your app can prove to be successful for you. Statista predicts that there may be 350 billion app downloads by 2023, about 180% more than in 2017, clearly showing a huge market and opportunity for the app business.

A new start-up is about innovative products, business models, and markets. They either launch a product that no one has used before or they offer a new business model that has never been tested. Most people consider innovation to be synonymous with invention. So entrepreneurs have emphasized start-up through outsourced app development service along with innovation.­­­­­­­­­­­

Keeping your app start-up idea a secret can work in traditional markets such as manufacturing or commodity supply. You can choose an outsourced app development service from an Android application development company or an iOS app development company to get started on your app idea, and with their outsourced mobile app development services you can build your app, but make sure you choose to make the app development company reliable and be able to meet your expectations.

Do you want to build a million-dollar app? In this article, we will tell how you can become a million-dollar app owner from outsourcing mobile app development services. 

Start with a Real Problem

Contrary to popular belief, the best apps in the market are not centered on the latest and greatest technologies. Another way to solve problems is to browse websites like Product hunt and Indie Hackers. Here, producers and founders publish their newly created products and projects daily, each attempting to solve a particular problem. Find issues that you may be able to solve with an app during your daily commuting and going.

Share Your App Ideas with People Close to You

Share your app ideas with friends and family. Share some of your app ideas literally with someone willing to listen to you. It would be great to share them with strangers who would not be afraid to criticize them either. We rely on our minds for many of our daily decisions and actions. Our brains often try to make information processing easier, which creates cognitive biases in our decisions and thinking. You need to be able to narrow down at least one product that usually seems feasible.

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Why AngularJs is a Preferable Framework for Web App Development

19 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #angularjs development company, #angularjs development company in India

Every businessman wants their customers to love their services. But it can’t be achieved just by developing a website. Developers need to work on the user experience while developing a website and the selection of an authentic and systematic platform can do the favor in providing an excellent user experience.

AngularJS framework is one of the most preferred platforms in the current era for web and mobile app development. Seekers can choose an ideal partner from the best Angularjs web development company worldwide who is offering development services among others.

AngularJS is an open-source platform introduced by Google. It enables businesses to develop single-page applications along with the development of quality code and its testing efficiently. Therefore, developers prefer to choose the AngularJS framework for web development projects.

Some of the popular names which trusted AngularJS development services for their web development project include Gmail, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Now, let’s shed some light on the reasons why the AngularJS framework is perfect for web development.

Reasons to Choose AngularJS framework

#1. Created by Google

One of the main and important reasons is that it is brought into existence by Google. Therefore, it is one of the most reliable frameworks chosen by the developers. As we know Google has a good team of technical professionals who will come up with the enhancement.

In addition, as it is having support From Google it will have a network of developers on a large scale. It offers extensions for developers and architecture and with the other frameworks also.

#2. Simple Usage

AngularJS is easy to learn and use even for beginners. Those who have hands-on experience writing code in different programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS won’t face any problem working with the AngularJS framework.

Therefore, opting for trusted AngularJS development services is the right decision as not only it saves time and effort with lesser need to write code but also provides a comprehensive range of features and functionalities that simplifies the development process to a greater extent.

In addition to this, the platform offers numerous free courses online that help in learning how to develop and test your web app using the AngularJS framework.

#3. 2-way data binding factor

AngularJS has a two-way data binding feature that provides synchronization between the outlook and model. In case, if any changes are made to the code, the app interface or the outlook will automatically be changed instantly or vice versa.

When there are any segment changes, user movement, and web events, then necessary designs will get functionally updated. However, it also allows the easier, inquisitive process to DOM display to build the User Interface.

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Things to Keep in Mind When You Design a Mobile App for Your Business

17 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #ui ux design services, #ui ux design, #ui-ux design company

For almost all industries and businesses, having a mobile application for their product and services is no longer an option. It becomes a requirement for companies to own an app as mobile is the most used thing by today's customers. Developing an app plays a vital role in all sorts of businesses to lead them towards success. But the main reason why the app fails in the market is the improper UI/UX design services and lack of management and strategy. 

When you create a mobile app for your business, you need to make a proper plan and examine all the necessary things required for making a genius app. And for helping you in this, we mention some important things that you should consider while making a mobile app for your business. 

Identify the audience according to your application type

Finding the users according to your application plays a crucial role in mobile application development and revenue generation. It will also help you find your users' needs and wants, like what kind of app they want or what kind of features they are looking for. 

Always simplify the flow of your application

It seems like a minor thing in the thinking section but simplifying the application flow results in a user-friendly view. Applying this indicates that users can easily use your app without facing any problem. It is your responsibility to make things available for your users.  

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Top Factors to Consider while Designing a Mobile App

13 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #ui ux design, #ui ux design services

Mobile app development is flourishing like never before. With the regular invention and modification of new mobile devices and OS, businesses must create mobile apps for their products and services. It is considered an easy task to develop an app as there are so many platforms that provide access to establish an app effortlessly. But apart from the developing process, you should have to consider so many things that decide what the future of your app is. 

When you consider an app to grow your business, you must have to prepare excellent strategies, cost, effort, UI/UX design and the right sort of marketing campaigns. Here we mention such vital factors that help you choose the right things for your app and lead your business toward success. So let’s start with this. 

Research as Much as You Can Do

Whether it is for developing an app or something else, you must have to do proper research of the market according to your product or service level. Also, you have make research about the best UI/UX design services company that will create an eye-catching app for your project.

Know Your Target Audience

Recognizing the right audience for your application is necessary that defines the future of your application. The audience plays a vital role in application expansion and growth. 

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Ways to Protect Your App Idea from Your Competitors When Outsourcing

10 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #Outsource Software Development, #outsource app development, #Outsource Mobile App Development

It’s been a while since the introduction of the first mobile application, yet the idea of a new application still excites users. This also accounts for leading app stores teaming up with various mobile applications and launching them for users. The number of applications being launched every day gives a strong indication of the mobile application industry in the future.

With the growth and introduction of new applications almost every day, more companies are now coming up with numerous startup ideas and are launching their applications. Companies want users to unleash unique apps that have the best features and offer a phenomenal user experience.

If you are an entrepreneur in the mobile application domain, you would surely want users to gain a great experience while using your application. However, launching your application not only includes coming up with an idea, but you also need to ensure that your innovation does not get stolen by others. Other developers can steal your application name along with the concept if they get the slightest idea.

So do you want to keep your project safe from thieves around or prevent someone else from getting the credits for something that you have created? Well, most application entrepreneurs have learned the hard way, and you surely don’t want to be one of them. The following points will give you ideas about how to protect your mobile application idea from thieves.
Share Information Carefully

It is an obvious step that you need to take while coming up with a new application. Although in some cases, sharing your idea is essential, you need to make sure that you are sharing your plan with someone reliable. When you launch an application, you need to share your project with the technical development team and clients; however, you don’t need to share every detail of your idea while Outsource App Development India.

The less you reveal your idea, the less probability for someone can steal it. While sharing your project, ensure that you are only sharing it with individuals involved in your business and not with people having no role in your product or venture.

Choose Your Professional Relationship Carefully When Outsourcing App Development service

While you are launching your very first product or application, you need to work with reputable brands. If you can build your app from scratch, go ahead. However, when you are outsourcing professionals to work on your behalf, you should make your decision wisely.

Before selecting a freelancer to work with, review all testimonials and screen all third parties involved carefully. Well-reputed third-party application developers and contractors will have no trouble offering you all the information needed. When you work with well-rated professionals, you get a well-performing application, and your data remains safe as well. While outsourcing services choosing authenticate sources is also crucial. Often developers and entrepreneurs get trapped in fraudulent activities that lead to tremendous losses for their business.

To continue reading the article click here: How do you protect your app ideas from being stolen when outsourcing?

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React vs. Angular: Which JS Framework is Better to Opt for Developer

6 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #angularjs development company, #angularjs development company in India

Javascript is the most growing and widespread language in developing mobile applications. There are so many freshers, professionals, businesses who love to develop their apps using the Java language. There are so many javascript platforms available in the market that provide the best tools and techniques to build a robust app.

But still, there is so much confusion on which platform you should have to pick if you need the right javascript platform for your project. React Native and Angular JS are the most popular and powerful ones on all platforms' list in my recognition. However, they also have some advantages and disadvantages to consider. Here we gather some information about React native and AngularJS so that you can pick the appropriate one React Native or AngularJS Development Company according to your project needs.

What is React Native?

Facebook invented the JS library, React, that supports you in generating UI components. It executes the method of building attractive user interfaces more reliable and more manageable. When developers adopt React, it makes the code simpler to understand and start.

Benefits of React Native:

Developers can move between versions without changing the code.
It has a simple design that makes it easy to understand.
The HTML-like syntax presents templating and considerably accurate documentation.
Best for creating large web applications.

Drawbacks of React Native:

Developers who adopt React should have precise information about combining the user interface into the MVC framework.
Requires complex configuration in case of traditional MVC framework.

What is Angular JS?

Angular is an architectural framework for generating compelling web apps. It enables developers to accept HTML as a template language and enables HTML's syntax to precisely display the application's elements.

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Reasons to Choose AngularJS Development Services in 2021

3 Mai 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #angularjs development company, #angularjs development company in India

AngularJS is a dynamic JavaScript framework developed by Google in 2009. The main purpose of putting this framework in life was to make it much easier for developers to have access to advanced development. Because of its beneficial features, the AngularJS framework is used by many well-known companies such as PayPal, Netflix, and many different products. 

 Depending on developers and companies, AngularJS’s acceptance among developers and companies is likely to grow around the next decade, when AngularJS is expected to be a second- or third-level JavaScript framework, perhaps one that helps developers choose between multiple frameworks. Let’s look at the reason why the demand for the best AngularJS development company and services in India is increasing exponentially. 

Why are AngularJS development services important in 2021?

The demand for the best AngularJS development company in India is growing rapidly. The reason is obvious. More and more companies are switching to AngularJS development services for their businesses. Let’s look at why:


It is one of the main reasons why AngularJS is so successful. AngularJS helps developers build several single-page applications. All of these modules are reliable to each other and can be joined using a complete system. The framework recognizes the need to build additional modules automatically and allows it to interact well with other existing application modules.

Simple Testing

It is very easy to operate different, specific components of the AngularJS application. The Module Division feature allows developers to introduce automated testing tools and problems simply.

Effective Manipulation of Dom

DOM (Document Object Model) is an interface for editing HTML files. It is possible to control the DOM or ask a question if you would like to enter a character. Back in AngularJS, exploitation does not occur from a program perspective, however, within the guidelines.

Read the full article from here: Why is AngularJS Development Important in 2021?

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List of Best Web Development Companies in USA

29 Avril 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #angularjs development company, #angularjs development company in India

Digitalization leads to the requirements in search of the top web development companies in the USA then you are at the right place. Everybody wants web development companies that provide you with the best of their services essential for the online markets. Therefore, when clients have to know about your product they will go through your website first. And as we know that the first impression is the last.

So your website services looks and maintenance is done by the highly skilled web developers. Therefore, you need the best web developers from the USA for your projects. Best firms from the USA top the list in web development to assist you in the search process. However, below given are the list of some of the top web development companies which will provide professionally designed websites to clients:-

1. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto is the top web development company giving services like PHP development, Laravel development, Yii, Angular JS, and so many more. Therefore, this web consulting agency will help the clients to assist their customers with the execution of the advanced technologies with a master plan.

They have 650+ satisfied customers with 70+ competitors in the market. They have 50–249 employees and offices in 20+ companies. Moreover, the best part is they have the patience to understand the requirements of the customer. It came into existence in 2009 and its hourly rate is $25-$45.

Key Clients: Nova Consulting, Daikin, World of Stones, Soji Cleaners, Y K Almoyyad, Ashraf’s Bahrain, Al Jazira, Rockwell Trading USA, Wadairs, Race Chip, CC Boutik, KTM, Lynkd, Traffic NYC, Elitescreen Inc.

2 . The NineHertz

The NineHertz is one of the top web development companies in USA. Since its beginning in 2008, it has been providing the best services and fulfilling the requirements of the customers. Moreover, not in the USA but globally also The NineHertz satisfies the expectation of the customers. In Addition, this company has a good team of developers and designers with modern technologies.

Some of the technologies are VR, AR, etc and some frameworks React Native, flutter, java, python, and so many more. Besides, this company has a range of employees 101–250. The headquarters of this company is in the Great Lakes, Mid-Western USA. Their sanction share capital is 100,000 with the offices in the countries the USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, and India.

Key-Clients: JMRC (Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation), Casio Samsung Reliance Jio Air Asia.

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