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UI/UX Design: Importance, Skills & Costing

23 Mars 2021 , Rédigé par The NineHertz Publié dans #ux design services, #ui ux design services, #user interface design company

To increase any business, the first and foremost thing you need is customer satisfaction. Every business’s main thing is to increase its sales which leads to the growth of the business. Here UX/UI design helps to improve applications and give user satisfaction. Therefore, helping in the growth of the business by increasing the number of customers for a certain application. Companies depend upon capitative content, inviting ally and strategic marketing.

With all the hustle of making your content attractive, building business strategies people forget to consider the UX(User Experience)designs. UX designers play an important role in making the business victorious by satisfying users to describe the journey of the user for an app. However, the role of the UX designers remains a riddle to CEOs, managers. There are around 900,000 UX designers in LinkedIn itself.

The UI(User Interface) is the process of making the display of the mobile applications. It interacts with the user and its main aim is to look for the presentation of the app, its design, effects, buttons, pages, etc. While on the other hand, UX (User Experience) is the approach of improving the user experience with the mobile application.

Its main purpose is to provide or meet the needs of customer expectations. It creates the components, elements, and structuring of the mobile applications which appropriately help the user in using that app.

UX is not something new in the market, it has been practiced since the nineties. This term for user experience was discovered by Donald Normal to meet the satisfaction of the customer. He wanted to survey user experience like graphics, industrial design, etc. Because of the popularity of the UX designer, software engineers prefer it as every $1 financed in UX returns profit from $10 to $100.

Importance of UX design

UX designers do complex research, user testing, paradigm, and implementation which requires hours of hard work to meet the needs of the users. They use a prototype to test its serviceability and workability(which technology is needed in UX designing). Constructive prototyping will help you in getting more accurate figures than the rugged ones results in cutting down the development costs.

75% of the people look for the website attractiveness to judge a website. A user-friendly ally is more likely to meet the demand of the user. Easy to use applications include inherent wayfinding, UX design patterns that are easy to learn by users. When users perform a certain number of interactions with the website, they have to face some obligatory paces. These obligatory steps include registration forms or personal details filling which is not preferred by users.

Therefore, to reduce these paces designers pop up with one-page checkouts. One-page checkouts allow users to get going just after when they have chosen the product.

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